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Thermosinks have been proven to hold out in extreme conditions.

Yes, the waterers all have an internal shutoff.

Thermosinks have been proven to work with no electricity as it taps into the heat from the ground. This system, designed by cattlemen, has been perfected to meet the needs of animals in all parts of the world.

As we are always looking for newer and better attributes for the Thermosinks, we have changed the style of lids over the years. The red and green lids are the same types of lids. The Mushroom lids and the Turn on Lids are all still available for the Thermosinks that are 20 years or older.

Yes, the top of the standpipe is removable, unlock the cam locks, and it comes off. Or tug at the whole standpipe, and it slides out as it’s held in the bottom via a pitless adapter.

The length of this waterer is vital. In our area (Southern AB Canada), we get frost levels of 5-6 ft., so the length has to go beyond that, so the waterline connects below the frost level, and the crossover pipes sit in the warm ground to help keep the waterer warm as it circulates every time an animal drinks.

Single Bowl
Length: 22.00 in
Width: 36.00 in
Height: 100.00 in
Net Weight: 280.00 lb
Gross Weight: 280.00 lb
Volume: 79,200.31 cu in

Double Bowl
Length: 22.00 in
Width: 64.00 in
Height: 100.00 in
Net Weight: 380.00 lb
Gross Weight: 380.00 lb
Volume: 140,800.55 cu in

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